Ahwatukee Pool Service and Pool Repair

Why have pool service in Ahwatukee?  Do you live in beautiful Ahwatukee?  Tucked away behind the majestic South Mountain, Ahwatukee is a place like no other in Arizona.

The sense of community is second to none here. The residents care about each other and they care about maintaining the beauty of its unique standard.  This includes your pool! We take pride in providing the best pool service in Ahwatukee available.  We work with real professionals who are certified to take care of the pool's water chemistry, equipment and all-around cleanliness of the pool.  If you live in Ahwatukee, then we are the pool service for you!  The best place in Phoenix deserves the best pool cleaning and care.

Here at Transparent Pool Service and Repair, LLC we pride ourselves in always having open communication with our customers and providing the best possible customer service.  We service pools all over the valley but specialize cleaning pools in the east valley, all over Scottsdale and North Phoenix areas.


On this page you will find all the information about pool service in Ahwatukee.  Our services start at $79 per month for play pools and $89 per month for diving pools.  We also offer all repairs for your pool whether it’s on the equipment- vacuum repair, pool pump, pool motor, pool filter, filter cleaning, plumbing, draining and acid washes, pool lights, etc. or if it’s cosmetic- kool decking, plaster, pebble, tile.  We offer free quotes and estimates on any of your pool needs.

What does pool service in Ahwatukee include?  We come once a week to check and balance chemicals in pool to insure it stays clean and clear.  We empty all baskets, brush walls and steps, skim out debris, and backwashing as needed.  We also inspect equipment and report any repairs needed to you right away.  Then, if approved we will do any repairs needed for your pool.

If you live in Ahwatukee and need any advice or help with your swimming pool please contact us right away and we will be sure to help you out as soon as possible.  We love the Ahwatukee area and love to clean pools all over your neighborhood.  It’s a great area with awesome people and they know how to keep Ahwatukee beautiful.

We offer many do it yourself videos and blogs about pool service and pool repairs.  If you need any references from our existing customers we would be happy to let you see what they say.  Our pool service and pool repairs in Arizona are of the highest quality and the most affordable, long-term benefits for our customers

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